Community Relations Committee:

Chair: Councilwoman Cindy Cook

Finance Committee:

Chair: Councilman Jermaine Hatton

Human Resources:

Councilwoman Lorraine Gorman


Land Use & Development Committee:

Co-Chair: Councilman Jermaine Hatton

Co-Chair: Councilwoman Lorraine Gorman

Parks & Recreation Committee

Chair:  Councilwoman Lorraine Gorman

Public Safety Committee:

Chair: Councilman Steve High

Public Works Committee:

Chair: Mayor Rudy Sutton

Veterans Committee:

Co-Chair   Councilwoman Cindy Cook

Co-Chair   Councilman Steve High

_____________________________________________________Planning Commission Members:

Regina Albert, Secretary

Troy Geiger, Chair

James Reyes

Gary Rittereiser, Vice Chair

Sheryl Rojas

Any inquires or comments should be sent to Planning Commissioners.

The Planning Commision consists of five (5) members appointed by town council for a period of three (3) years. The committee reviews proposed amendments and changes to the town’s zoning ordinances, as well as other zoning changes, and makes recommendations to the town council.  In addition, the committee reviews the town’s comprehensive plan and makes recommendations to town council for revisions.

Additional details are provided in  Ordinance-No-16-03-Planning-Commission.


Board of Adjustment Members:

Mayor Rudy Sutton
Town Engineer Owen Hyne
Town Solicitor Fred Townsend