Committees, Boards, & Commissions


Finance Committee:

  • Chair: Mayor Lobdell
  • Co-Chair: Councilman Bangura

Human Resources:

  • Chair: Councilman Suhr
  • Co-Chair: Mayor Lobdell

Public Works & Land Use Development Committee:

  • Chair: Councilman J. Bangura
  • Co-Chair: Councilman M. Chapman

Public Safety Committee:

  • Chair: Councilman M. Suhr
  • Co-Chair: To Be Determined 

Community Engagement Committee: To Be Determined 

Code Review Committee:

  • Chair: Mayor S. Lobdell 
  • Co-Chair: Councilman M. Chapman

Veterans & Social Services Committee: 

  • Chair: Councilman M. Chapman
  • Co-Chair: Councilman M. Suhr

Planning Commission:

The Town of Townsend is governed by the people and for the people, making citizen participation and contributions important to the Town’s future.

The Planning Commission meets in a public forum, working with the residents, serving as an advisory board to the Mayor and Council.  The Commission oversees the comprehensive planning process, helping to determine goals and aspirations of the community which directs public policy for Townsend.  Reviewing land use, zoning, planning and development applications within the municipal boundaries, requires annual updates of the Comprehensive Plan.  The Planning Commission conducts meetings and hearings, and invites residents to share their visions and/or concerns at these public gatherings.  The Planning Commission amends and prepares a draft of the Comprehensive Plan for review by the residents, Mayor and Council.  The Plan then goes to the Office of State Planning.  The Plan, is reviewed for compliance and accepted by the State, creating our approved public policy.  Every ten years the Comprehensive Plan is completely evaluated, reviewed by the Office of State Planning and other State agencies for the future of Townsend.

The Planning Commission consists of five (5) volunteer members, who have accepted the tasks and are appointed by the Mayor and Council.

Current members of the Planning Commission are:

The Town of Townsend is seeking to fill the vacancy for the Planning Commission seat.  If you are interested in volunteering to be a member of the Planning Commission, please contact Town Clerk Mariaelena Rivera at or at 302-378-8082. Click “HERE” for more information. 

The Planning Commission meets monthly, on the second Wednesday, in the Town Hall located at 141 Main Street, at 7:00PM, unless posted otherwise on the calendar.  The meeting agendas are posted, as required by law, seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting, at Town Hall and the Post Office.

Citizens are encouraged to attend and participate at meetings and hearings.  The Planning Commission needs the comments and concerns of the citizens expressed at the scheduled meetings and hearings.  We offer the opportunity and encourage, for those unable to attend meetings and/or hearings, to send an email to Town Hall at – – Emails will be read and entered as public record, as citizen comments on the agenda.

Please find the most up to date Town of Townsend Comprehensive Plan by clicking here!

Ref. 24.08.040 Planning Commission 

Board of Adjustment Members:

  • Eschalla Clarke- August 2023 – August 2026
  • Dwain A. Haines- August 2023 –  August 2025
  • Sheryl Rojas- August 2023 – August 2024

Ref. 24.08.020 Board Of Adjustment