Ordinance 03-02 : Fire Company Impact Fees

BE IT HEREBY ENACTED by the Town Council of the Town of Townsend, a majority thereof concurring in Council duly met.


Fire protection. An impact fee of $250.00 for every of new residential dwellings (including single-family homes, townhouses, apartment units and mobile homes) and new non-residential structures of all types (including tenant fit-outs of existing structures) shall be assessed at the time the building permit is issued. The Town of Townsend shall transfer the proceeds of the impact fee to the Townsend Volunteer Fire Company Station 26 on or about the 31st of December of each year to be used for capital equipment and facilities to enhance fire protection services to the residents and properties of the Town.


Building permits for decks, sheds, residential additions, pools, fences, sidewalks, moving and demolition, signs and renovations or repairs to existing structures are exempt from this impact fee.


This ordinance establishes the fire protection impact fee to support the work of the Townsend Volunteer Fire Company, Station 26 in its provision of fire protection to the Town.

First & Second Reading: January 7, 2004; Public Hearing: January 7, 2004; Third & Final Reading: January 21, 2004; Signed by Town Council President: _____________________



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