Ordinance 07-04: Establish Election Committee

Ordinance 07-04 An ordinance to establish an election committee for the town of Townsend

WHEREAS, Town Council is authorized to make, adopt and establish all such ordinances as deemed necessary to carry into effect the provisions of State law, pursuant to Section 201.1 of the Charter of the Town of Townsend; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to 15 Del. C. Sec. 7551, the Town of Townsend is required to establish a Board of Elections to oversee all elections of this municipality’s government.

NOW THEREFORE, be it ORDAINED that the Town of Townsend Board of Elections (to be referred to as “Board of Elections”) is hereby established, having three members to be appointed by Town Council; and

FURTHER, that each board member shall be a resident of the Town of Townsend and shall serve an indefinite term until his or her successor is duly appointed; and

FURTHER, that the Board of Elections shall be authorized to perform the duties and obligations set forth in 15 Del. C. Sec. 7551, as amended and to exercise any other such duties specifically authorized by Town Council pursuant to the Charter and Ordinances of the Town of Townsend, as amended; and being adopted this 5th day of December, 2007.

First & second reading: November 20, 2007
Third & final reading: December 5, 2007
Adopted by Council of Town of Townsend on December 5, 2007.



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