Ordinance 11: Keeping Sidewalks Clear


Whereas, the Town Council for the Town of Townsend, Delaware, finds that the health and welfare of its citizens is vitally concerned with keeping sidewalks reasonably clear of debris, ice, snow and other material, which would represent a hazard to pedestrians by tripping, slipping, falling, or other difficulties, and

Whereas, the Town finds that it is more reasonable to expect owners and tenants of property to be responsible for keeping the sidewalks in front of there property clear of such debris and problems,

Now, Therefore, the Council for the Town of Townsend, Delaware declares the following Ordinance to be binding and effective upon all residents of the said Town.

A.) All persons occupying commercial establishments or premises fronting on any street or public place shall keep the sidewalk immediately in front of their premises clear of debris or other material so that pedestrians may conveniently pass.

B.) It shall be unlawful for the owner or occupant of any premises in the Town immediately in front of, beside or behind which shall be a sidewalk to permit or allow snow or ice to remain thereon for longer than twelve (12) hours after daylight after it shall have ceased snowing. The Town may have snow remaining in violation of this section removed immediately and charge the cost of removal to the owner or occupant of this property abutting the sidewalk.

First Reading: May 12, 1981 Published in the Newspaper: June 4, 1981 Second Reading: June 9, 1981 Passed by Town Council: February 17, 1985 Signed by Town Council President: Carlene U. Foraker

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