Ordinance 32: Municipal Water System Mandated Use

TITLE: Ordinance for the required mandatory use of, and required connections to, the Municipal Water System of the Town of Townsend.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Mandatory Use Ordinance is to ensure adequate participation of residential and commercial connections to the Municipal Water System of the Town of Townsend. Its further expressed purpose shall be to promote the orderly expansion of the municipal water service.

This Ordinance shall further serve to exclude any pre-existing wells or water systems in service at the time of the passage of this Ordinance, until such time they become unserviceable and/or in need of repair.

INTERPRETATION: This Ordinance shall be interpreted, whenever an administrator(s) or the judiciary is called upon to do so, in conformance with the purpose intended to be served by tits enactment.

ACT: Any new construction will be assessed a water user’s fee. The sum of which will be determined by the Town Council of Townsend, prior to the issuance of any and all permits.

Any homes, businesses, industrial facilities, etc. annexed into the Town of Townsend shall be required to connect into the Municipal Water System of the Town of Townsend at the owner’s expense.

No permit for the installation of any new wells shall hereafter be issued.

Wells existing and in use as the date of this Ordinance shall be excepted from the mandatory connection requirements herein, until such time as a well becomes unserviceable and/or in need of repair, at which time the well shall cease to be used and connection t the municipal water service shall be mandatory.

First Reading: June 25, 1991; Second Reading: July 2, 1991; Signed by Town Council President: Hugh Dugan

I, THE UNDERSIGNED, Secretary of the Council of the Town, do certify that the above ordinance was passed at a meeting of the Council of the Town of Townsend held on the 2nd day of July, A.D. 1991, at which a quorum was present and voting throughout and that same is still in full force and effect. SIGNED BY: Suzanne Clark, Secretary; DATED: July 2, 1991



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