Ordinance 7: Water System & Connection of Properties


Be it Enacted by the President and Council of the Town of Townsend, the President and a Majority of Council Members Concurring Therein:

Water Service and fees
It shall be unlawful for any person to tap or to have tapped any public water main, except upon application to the Council or its authorized agents, the granting of such a permit therefore and the payment of the water-tapping fee.

All water main tapping fees shall be paid before the Council or its agent shall issue any tapping permit and the fee shall not be less than a sum sufficient to cover the fees as fixed by the Town Council shall be available to the public upon request.

It shall be unlawful for any plumber or mechanic or their helper or any other person to open or close any curb stop or value on the public water mains or laterals without first being authorized to do so by the Council or its designated agent.

All property owners shall be primarily responsible for the fees for the use of water consumed on their property and shall not be relieved of the payment of water service fees because of any agreement between themselves and any attendants in possession.

It shall be the duty of all persons using the water supplied by the Town to keep the service pipes, valves, spigots and other attachments on their property or on the property leased to them in good condition and free from leaks.

The Council or its designated agents shall have the authority to enter any building or premises within the Town at reasonable times to inspect all pipes, valves, spigots or other attachments or to make necessary and reasonable tests consistent with good engineering practice to determine condition or to determine if any violations of this ordinance exist.

It shall be unlawful for any customer purchasing water from the Town to supply that water to non-consumers of the town water or to persons having no water connections with the public mains.

Each property owner shall maintain the water laterals on his premises and those leading directly to this premises.

If it is found that the water facilities are leaking or in bad condition the Council or its designated agent may discontinue all water service to the prmises unitl the necessary repairs are made. Before the water service shall resume the owner or occupant of the premises shall pay a charges incident to the discontinuance and resumption of the water supply.

The council or its designated agent is authorized to discontinue the water supply to any premises for non-payment of water service fees in thirty (30) days after a statement of the amount due shall have been mailed to the owner or occupant of the premises. The overdue water service fee shall be entered in a Municipal Lien Docket as a Lien owning the Town. Only after all water service fees have been paid shall the water supply be resumed.

A penalty of ten percent (10%) shall be added to all water service fees which hsall be in arrears for a period in excess of thirty (30) days after the date of rendering the water service bill.

First Reading: January 1982 Second & Final Reading: February 1982 Effective: February 1987 Passed by Town Council: February 9, 1982 Signed by Town Council President: James W. McDowell Sr.

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