Ordinance 9: Mobile Homes, Trailers


On and after December 13, 1977 all trailers, movile homes, single or double wides built or designed to be transported on wheels and to be used as dwelling be prohibited within the town limits of the Town of Townsend.

Should such a trailer or mobile home be brought into said town after this date, a fine of $200.00 per week shall be imposed on the owner of said home , until such time as it is removed from the town limits. The Town of Townsend shall have the authority to have it removed at the owners expense if said owner refused to do so.

First Reading: December 13, 1977 Second Reading: January 10, 1978 Third Reading: February 14, 1978 Effective: February 14, 1978 Passed by Town Council: February 14, 1978 Signed by : Rodney C. Hart

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