2021 Town of Townsend Council Reorganization

Date Posted: Monday, June 7th, 2021

2021 Town of Townsend Town Council ReorganizationTownsend Town Seal

2021 Town of Townsend Town Council Reorganization

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, the Town of Townsend held its annual reorganization meeting.  At this meeting, the three Town Council Candidates Elect were seated in accordance with the Town Ordinance. Per the certification of the 2021 Town of Townsend Election by the Town of Townsend Board of Election, the three candidates with the most votes for the three available Council seats were Eschalla Clarke, Gerald Dove, and Joshua Mertz.  These candidates were sworn-in at the reorganization meeting of the Town Council and their term will expire in June 2023. 

After the Councilmembers were seated, the Town Council Elected Councilman Patrick Miller to serve as Mayor of the Town of Townsend.  The Mayor serves a one-year term. 

Mayor Miller’s first duty after taking the chair, was to announce his appointments of Councilmembers to Committees.  The following Committees were established, and the following Council members were appointed: 

Finance Committee: Chair- Mayor Miller Co-Chair- Councilman Dugan
Human Resources Committee: Chair- Mayor Miller  
Public Works Committee:  Chair- Councilman Dugan Co-Chair- Councilman Mertz
Land Use and Development Committee: Chair- Councilman Dugan Co-Chair- Councilman Miller
Veterans Committee: Chair- Councilwoman Clarke Co-Chair- Councilman Dove
Public Safety Committee: Chair- Councilman Mertz Co-Chair- Councilman Dugan
Community Engagement Committee: Chair- Councilwoman Clarke Co-Chair- Councilman Dove
Parks and Recreation Committee: Chair- Councilman Dove Co-Chair- Councilman Mertz
National Wildlife and Historic Preservation Committee: Chair- Councilwoman Clarke  


Over the next few weeks, committees will work with Mayor Miller to establish priorities and annual objectives. 

On Thursday June 3, Councilman Gerald Dove notified the Town of his resignation from the position of Councilman.  In accordance with the Town Charter an Interim Council member will be appointed at the next meeting of the Council.