General Townsend Elections and Voter Information

The 2020 annual municipal election for the Town Council that would typically be held on the first Saturday in May has been suspended per the Governor’s 6th Modification to the State of Emergency regarding Municipal Elections, which states: 

“4. To the extent not already canceled by a municipality by written notification to the State Election Commissioner pursuant to 15 Del. C. § 7550(h), all municipal elections scheduled to be conducted between date of this Order and May 15, 2020, pursuant to a municipality’s charter or municipal code, are hereby cancelled and shall be rescheduled by the municipality no earlier than May 15, 2020 in accordance with 15 Del. C. §7553, and the term of any existing officeholder shall continue until the results of the rescheduled election are certified pursuant to 15 Del. C. § 7558.”

The date and time of the election will be announced once the Town is permitted to proceed with scheduling.  

The Town Council shall have the power to declare no election in the event that only one candidate is available for each election position within the Town.  Additional information follows:

Voter Qualifications:

Every person who shall have reached the age of eighteen years, who is a citizen of the United States, and who has resided within the town limits for ninety (90) consecutive days immediately preceding the election and/or who has been a legal owner of property within the corporate limits of The Town of Townsend for ninety (90) consecutive days immediately preceding the election shall be entitled to vote at the Annual Municipal Election.

Voter Registration:

To be eligible to vote in Town elections, any resident or property owner within the corporate limits of the Town of Townsend must be registered to vote in the State of Delaware. If you are not registered to vote you can register online at:

Ways To Vote:

You may vote by either of the following:

In person, at the Town Hall, located at 141 Main Street, Townsend, DE on the date and during the times established and posted by Town Council


By Absentee Ballot acquired at the Town Hall.