Town of Townsend to Return to Open Public Meetings On-Site

Date Posted: Thursday, August 12th, 2021

The Town of Townsend is returning to open public meetings on-site. In addition, residents or Council who may need to attend virtually may do so with Town Hall serving as an Anchor Site for those that wish to attend in person.

The Town Council room has been set up to meet social distancing requirement as prescribed by the CDC and masks must be worn by all participants and witnesses present while in Town Hall. Due to the above requirements, space will be limited. These precautions are necessary as it will not be possible to determine who has been fully vaccinated.

Anyone who feels ill or who has been near to someone who has been exposed to or tested positive for the Coronavirus should not attend the meeting in person. If you have tested positive for the Coronavirus you may not attend the meeting in person until you have been tested negative.

Meeting access information along with relevant meeting documents for those wishing to attend the meeting electronically, will be posted to the Town website under the meeting information.