Delaware State Police False Alarm Reduction Program

Date Posted: Friday, February 13th, 2015

Superintendent Colonel Robert M. Coupe
Presented by Director of Public Information Sergeant Paul G. Shavack
P.O. Box 430| Dover, DE 19903 | Cell: 302.841.2553 |
DSP News Release: Delaware State Police False Alarm Reduction Program
Implementation Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dover- On June 10, 2012, The Delaware State Police will begin administering
the State’s False Alarm Reduction Program, which was enacted by legislation to
encourage alarm users to maintain operational reliability, promote proper use of
alarm systems and reduce the amount of false alarms that law enforcement
officers respond to. False alarms are a costly and a major public safety concern as
they divert law enforcement resources from crimes in progress, other real
emergencies, and time spent on routine patrol. Read Full “False Alarm News Release 6-20-2012” PDF

Any questions or further information regarding the registration process and
applicable fines should be directed to Cry Wolf at 877-665-2927.
Released: 060612 1330

Sergeant Paul G. Shavack
Director of Public Information | Delaware State Police
P.O. Box 430| Dover, DE 19903 | Office: 302.659.2349, Cell: 302.841.2553

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