Preparedness for Tropical Storm Isaias

Date Posted: Monday, August 3rd, 2020

The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for Townsend and surrounding areas.  Tropical storm force winds could lead to tree and power line damage. Gusts of near hurricane force (>73mph) may be possible throughout the day on Tuesday.

The primary concern with Isaias remains heavy rain leading to flash flooding. Significant amounts of rainfall may cause flash flooding across the region, Tonight through Tuesday night.  The greatest impacts are expected early Tuesday morning into Tuesday night.  There is a potential for tree damage and power outages due to expected high winds.

Residents are advised to remove landscape and outside items that can become airborne in high winds.  Clear outside space by removing anything that can be removed before high winds arrive. This includes trash cans, garden furniture, tools, children’s toys, bicycles, pet cages, and unsecured flowerpots. All of these items could cause serious damage if it were turned into a projectile by very strong winds.

The safest place to during high winds is indoors. If outdoors, watch for flying debris. Report downed lines to Report Power Outages and Downed Wires to DELMARVA Power at 1-800-898-8042 or 1-800-898-8045.  Storm Preparedness Information can be found at: DELMARVA Storm Preparation Handbook: